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 Gorenoise and sewage on sale

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PostSubject: Gorenoise and sewage on sale   Gorenoise and sewage on sale I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 22, 2013 2:45 am

Hi. I'm selling tons of gorenoise/noisecore cassettes from my collection. Principally from Splatterfuck-related labels. Here is the list.

Discount for large quantities.
Sending from Spain. Shipping worldwide

TAPE 1€ per unit

Embryonic Cryptopathia/Biological Monstrosity/Vomitoma Split tape
Melanocetus Murrayi/Saponification Split Tape
Bacteriophagia/Malaria Split Tape
Noxioustench - Neurotoxic Aromatherapuke
Four Reasons For a Headache Split Tape - k.g.b/Filthynoisyanthrope/Cut your throat/Terrorismo Musical
Industrial noise/Terrorismo musical Split Tape
Reclusa - Of a Life Devoid
Bacteriophagia - Parasitic Teratoma
Psudomonas Aeruginosa - Abortifacements ABC
Infester - Specific Procedures for Post-mortem examination
Black mold phallanx - Unsanitary Breeding Ground
Noxioustench - Septic Tank Gas Chamber
Vomito/Mastectomia Split Tape
Proctalgia/Vomitoma Split Tape
Dehydrated Tissues - Growth of tumour
Bradymenorroea - Surgikill Atrocities
Sarcoma Fermentation - Disfunction of tumour
The corpse in the crawlspace - Vomiteater
Napalm noise vs Vulgar nausea
Enterorrhagia - Deceased Dreams demo
Die Human Race - End of Humanity
Lymphoma/Digestive mucosa reflux
Vomitoma - Bioliquecent Neoplasm
Urinary tract infection from severe pus clot - Uncontrolled immensurable urinary output
Abortionarium - Natal mortis
Expurgo/Submersed Cadaver
Vomitoma/Sanguinary nervous spasm
Psudocystis/scabclotting Split tape
Burnt human garbae/Rotgut Split
Bradymenorroea - diastomatomyelia
Vomitoma - Human scrap
Uptore - demo tape
Gothic sucks/Anal inaguration Split tape
Reclusa - The anticonscience
Reclusa - Solitary definement
Psudocyst/Urinary tract infection from severe pus clot Split tape
Bradymenorroea - Ovarian endomeiriosis round ligaments
Music suks/proctitis Split tape
Vomitoma/Urinary track infection from severe pus clot Split tape
Bestial Vomit/Takashi ohkawa Split tape
Parasitosis - Cronica de un cuerpo infectado
Bundled Bowels - Demo tape
Vomitoma -Boiling tubs of causting sludge
Uncontroled inmeasurable urinary output - Demo4
Permanent death/Mucus Split tape
Vomitoma - Tapestries of dissolved flesh
Apocritaformicidae - the fist plague
Vomitoma - Whore of the insects
Sewagegore/IxBxDxTxPxWxIx/BxFxCx Split tape
Faeces sex/Urinary track infection from severe pus clots Split tape
AIDS infected diarrhea pool/Noxioustench Split tape
Psudomonas aeruginosas/Urinary tract infection from severe pus clots Spit tape
Vomitoma - Unorthodox malpractice
Anal massaker- 457 Songs
Gangrena febrosa - Demo tape
Rotgut/Brunt human garbage Split tape
Vomitoma/Bonded flesh
Putrephilia/Geist Split tape
HxAxSx/Syphilic burn victim rape Split tape
Vomitatiedhaematomaphlia - II Demo
Bacterial influx/Bradymenorroea
Uncontrolled inmeasurable urinary output - Maggotorium aputee
Psudomonas aeruginosas/Bradymenorroea Split tape
Proctitis - Don't listen to proctitis
Proctitis - Harsh noise for fuck's sake

CD 1€ per unit

Noxioustench - Putridegradable pollution
Filthynoisyanthrope - Serius behaviour disorders with self destructive.....
Reclusa - Doorway to the perpetual suffering
Gruesome toilet - Flush that stinky mess
Sexterminator 69 touch of evilSanguinary nervous spasm
Rectal Cumshot Demo
Rottenness II - Latin american compilation Death Metal
Grylliphagia - The crickets of doom
3:15 - Walls close in
Faeces sex/vomitoma Split CD
Private Semefo SEx - Corpse total putrefaction
Vomit pit CD
Bradymenorroea - Post operative mishaps
Braineater larvae - Putrefiying parts of the human body covered with maggots
Acrophagia/Gorgonized dorks/Kusari gama kill/Lacerated tissue/Pus pox/Praia de vomito/Succulent torso - Destroy after use Slit CD

MINI CD 0,5€ per unit

The corpse in the crawlspace - Purulent embryectomy
Aids infected diarrhea pool/Noxioustench split ep
Gorgonized dorks/Aragon's corpse Split
Black putrefaction/LSD cult split
Stock feeder - Demo
Stock feeder - Demo II
Disected - Promotional necro-instrumentalism
Colostomy filter - Obscene tapestry of profanity
Vomitoma - Coagulated dialysis of partially dsintegrated biosolids
Eye gouging mayhem - Return to planet scum
Alcoholic birth - Ode to alcohol
Noxioustench - Violent putridity
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Gorenoise and sewage on sale
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