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 OPS-PSF/DND green split 7" Anti-Listener Noyzgrynd from Tokyo

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PostSubject: OPS-PSF/DND green split 7" Anti-Listener Noyzgrynd from Tokyo   Tue Dec 18, 2012 11:55 pm

OPS-PSF/DND split 7”EP

114 trax in just over four minutes of frenzied BlurBlast harsh Noyzgrynd distortion Gunk from Tokyo two piece OPS-PSF with the great Ryohei Kikuchi of Final Exit on drums & vocals. hysterical as shit & acutely individualistic dis aynt’ ya average Noisecore. Italian enforcer of tumultuously Harsh, violent, punitive & pulverizing rhythmic Stridor-maul, Digital Noise Distortion crushes & mutilates the receptors with stupendous User-Hostile severity, a classic cut of inanely Harsh Noyz perfection. Irregular 7” sleeve with insanely grandiloquent full colour original artwork from Minzo Shiroma printed as usual on recycled paper with biodegradable inx. Diaphanous green vinyl with top quality full colour vinyl stickers, conjured by the notorious Lofiordierex & ltd 2 x500 hand numbered copies.

6.50 per copy. Contact toontemptresstemerity@hotmail.co.uk

Far more incomparable Gunk, Hard-Vacuum, NoyzGrynd & No-Skool-Noyzcore from the likes of Wolrd, Final Exit, ASHIAIP, Wage-Slave Exchange, Bollock Swine etc is available at www.jigokuki.org
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OPS-PSF/DND green split 7" Anti-Listener Noyzgrynd from Tokyo
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