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 INTESTINAL DISGORGE "Dripping In Quiet Places" CD out now

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PostSubject: INTESTINAL DISGORGE "Dripping In Quiet Places" CD out now   Wed Oct 05, 2011 6:00 pm

Eleven years after releasing their classic debut album "Drowned in Rectal Sludge", Texas' INTESTINAL DISGORGE present their 7th full length album "Dripping in Quiet Places" on Goatgrind Records. 25 tracks of explosive, jarring, chaotic noise/grind delivered in a way that only Intestinal Disgorge can manage. Alternating between unorthodox blasts of bewildering grind chaos and straight-up bone-crushing death/grind, Intestinal Disgorge once again redefines their unique sound.


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INTESTINAL DISGORGE "Dripping In Quiet Places" CD out now
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