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 Favorite labels & distros

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PostSubject: Favorite labels & distros   Fri Dec 24, 2010 1:38 am

Post your favorite labels and distros to order from.

Nuclear War Now
Legendary black metal label and distro from NorCal. Great distro and quality releases.

Limited Appeal
Put out a couple of AxCx lps, both of the Full Blown AIDS lps, and some other cool stuff like Tile. I really like dealing with Ken, always communicative and received my order in a timely manner.

Seedstock Records
Great new black metal label formed after Klaxon splintered. Carrying great stuff available from Raspberry Bulbs, Bone Awl, and Volahn right now.

Smash Music
Great little distro out of Ohio. I think it's pretty much done for but Mikeal is still selling his remaining stock. Have got some great Gore Beyond Necropsy, Arsedestroyer, and Bathtub Shitter records from him.

Vinyl Junkie
Great, obscure selection that is updated constantly. You have to act to order rare stuff from him, because it is usually picked over quickly. I've got some Cripple Bastards and stuff from TItus in the past.

Honorable mention:

Unholy Thrash
Good label run by Jose from InxDisgust. The distro folded earlier this year, but a few of his releases and distro items found their way to Give Praise.
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Favorite labels & distros
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