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 Set Sale! Grindcore vinyls and more

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PostSubject: Set Sale! Grindcore vinyls and more   Mon Dec 06, 2010 1:55 am

Prices are not ppd
$3-4 depending on what you're getting.
Everything sent media mail, unless you pay for something more.
Paypal AS A GIFT preferred, but money orders will work. I'm in Portland, OR.
Trades are cool if you've got something on my want list. Take a look.
$10 minimum
Pm me, or send an email to matteapolis@yahoo.com

I've bought a lot of stuff from folks on here over the years,
but only know a handful of you in person. RYAN from Minneapolis can vouch for me.
My ebay is here http://shop.ebay.com/hobocore/m.html

Pictures of everything are below. Hope that helps.

After The Bombs - Terminal Fith Stench Bastard 7" (blue vinyl, Sjakk Matt Plater Records, Norway) $7
Blood Brothers / Mile Marker split 7" small ding on top edge of sleeve (Boards Don't Hit Back) $6
Brodequin / Tears of Decay split 7" (#500/1000, Cudgel Agency) $7
Dead - Saturday Night Grind Fever 7" 2001 (/1000, Autopsy Stench Records) $6
Enemy Soil - Live at Fiesta Grande #5 7" flexi (Clean Plate Records) $6
Enemy Soil - Live in Virginia 7" (Wydawnictwo) $6
Enemy Soil / Desperate Corruption split 7" (Bovine) $6
Enemy Soil / Reversal of Man split 7" (Fist Held High) $6
Forward - Feel The Core of Self 7" (HG Fact) $16
The Locust - Flight of the Wounded Locust 7" (clear, GSL) $5
Pitchfork - Saturn Outhouse 7" (Nemesis) $20
Racebannon / Mara'Akate split 6" (Electric Human Project) $9
Stereolab - Iron Man 7" (red vinyl, Duophonic UHF Disks) $6
Stereolab / Soi Distant split 7" (Luke Warm Music) $6
Swiz - With Dave 7" (Jade Tree) $5
Syzslak - Destroy The Light 7" (/500, clear vinyl, World Eater Recs) $4
Syzslak - I Am Misery 7" (#244/1000, red vinyl, World Eater Recs) $4
Thievery Corporation - Halfway Around The World 7" (18th St Lounge) $8
Unholy Grave - Against Terrorism 6 Trax EP (Power It UP) $6
Unholy Grave / Waking Terror split 7" (Reprocreate Recs) $6
Unholy Grave / Catheter split 7" (purple vinyl, Rescued From Life) $10
Vulgar Pigeons - Genetic Predisposition (Howling Bull) $5
Wormwood / Esoteric split 7" (Interference Recs) $5
v/a - Close Your Eyes and See Death 7" w/Cap. Casualties, Luzifers Mob, Wounded Knee (blue vinyl, Re*Education Recs) $5
v/a - Deadly Encounters vol 2 7" w/capt 3 leg, benumb, cripple bastards, wadge, u. grave, and tons more (w/insert, green viny, Agitate 96 Recs) $6
v/a - Screw 7" w/Jawbox, Candy Machine, Geek, and Velocity Girl (Simple Machines) $7

Bathtub Shitter - Wall of World is Words 10" (Farewell Recs) $10
Unholy Grave - Tortured Alive 10" (purple vinyl, Farewell Recs) $10
Suppository / Mindflair split 10" (967/1000, PW-Prods) $8
Cacofonia - The Last Castration and More 10" (Anomie Recs) $6

Abstain - World Full of Zombies lp ringwear (SOA Recs) $6
Aware - New Lease On Life lp (Iron Face Recs) $5
Black Market Fetus - Midwest Meltdown lp (First Blood Family) $6
Bowery Electric - S/T lp (blue vinyl, Kranky) $20
Cattle Decapitation - Human Jerky lp (Satans Pimp) $10
DJ Vadim - Life From The Other Side 2lp (Ninja Tune) $15
Edgewise - Massacre of the Innocents lp (Harvest Recs) $5
Embalming Theatre - Sweet Chainsaw Melodies lp (Putrid Filth Conspiracy) $12
Entrails Massacre - Crucial Strikes With Attitude lp (Rescued From Life) $8
Facade Burned Black - Ashes Remain of Midwestern Flames lp (Clean Plate Recs) $3
Guillotine - Bring Down The Curtain lp (Alchemy Recs) $6
Halfman - As Everything Fell Apart lp (Luddite/Framework) $5
Haywire - Private Hell lp (New Beginning Recs) $8
Onion - Faster lp (Crisis Recs) $5
Medication Time - One Free Miracle Ticket lp (Life Is Abuse/Ruinous) $8
Needful Things - Dead Point lp (Nightmare/Out of Control/Power It Up Recs) $10
Scrotum Grinder - The Greatest Sonic Abomination Ever lp (purple vinyl, Prank Recs, slight warping on sleeve) $5
Transcend - Room 101 lp (Doghouse Recs)$5
Vulgar Pigeons - Summary Execution lp (purple vinyl, Intolerant Messiah) $7
Wake Up On Fire - S/T lp (Torture Garden) $5
Wellington - Thank You Jesus lp (Fetus Recs) $6

v/a - Warp 10+3 Remixes 4xLP Box Set w/Aphex Twin, Pram, DJ Mink, Luke Vibert, Boards Of Canada, Stereolab, Seefeel, ISAN,
Autechre, Plaid, LFO, Surgeon, Nightmares On Wax, Mogwai, Red Snapper, Squarepusher, To Rococo Rot, Jim O'Rourke, etc.


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PostSubject: Re: Set Sale! Grindcore vinyls and more   Sun Dec 12, 2010 12:06 am

I have that Wellington. its decent sludge.
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Set Sale! Grindcore vinyls and more
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