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Bubba Zanetti


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PostSubject: THIS SHIT IS FOR TRADE MOTHERFUCKER(or big dollars)   Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:04 am

THIS IS WHAT I HAVE FOR TRADE(or lots of fucking cash)
records marked with ======== are potentially spoken for


3-way Cum "killing the life"
Agathocles / Pulmonary Fibrosis split CD-r
Anal Massaker "Vergewaltiger"
Anal Massaker "55 Sonx of Psychedelic Grind Noise"
Blood Dries Black "my fall" CD-r
Dead Infection "a chapter of accidents" (original digi-pack)
Decomposing Serenity / Mortuary Hacking Session
Der Gerwelt "human breed"
Diaboli "kirous"
DRI "dirty rotten CD"
Enthroned "Armored Bestial Hell"
Exophotic Goiter "Another World's Values" CD-r
Exophotic Goiter / Overflowing Fear split CD-r
Exophotic Goiter / Septic Chyme split CD-r
Exploding Zombies "several severed heads"
Faxed Head "uncomfortable but free"
Godless North "summon the age of supremacy"
Gross / Vomit Spawn split CD-r
Hatepulse "in extenso letalis"
Herpes (Col) (discography CD-r, 31 tracks Colombian cult)
Hondo "live bootleg" (limited to 13)
Human Remains "using sickness as a hero"
Incantation "mortal throne of the nazarene"
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The "now i got worry"
Kult of Azazel / Krieg split
Manes "how the world came to an end"
Misery / Extinction of Mankind split
Morbid Savouring "insensitivicious"
Morbosidad "s/t" (original press on Quadrivium, 2000)
Olc Sinnsir "The Throne of Dead Emotions"
Optimus Grind "a list of things i hate" CD-r
Otto Von Schirach "global speaker fisting"
Schloss Tegal "black static transmission"
Severe Torture / Blood Red Throne split
Silmaosasto "Lahes Kaikki Silmani" (band released discography CD-r)
Space Machine "3" (masonna side project)
Syphilitic Vaginas "complete studio collection" (still sealed)
Van Halen "for unlawful carnal knowledge"
Varathron "genesis of apocryphal desire"
v/a "4 way to fill a cunt" (orifice, repulsive human grinder, rectal cumshots, extreme rectal avantgarde)
v/a "Blood and Sickness" (tumour, MDK, kadaverficker, CVI, total penuria, vomit-sex)
v/a "I'll weeds grow apace" (7 Japanese HC/grind/crust/thrash/fastcore bands)
v/a "splatter fetish 2" (100 grind/gore/death/thrash/noise bands international)
Wargore "decadence of benevolence"
Warpsmasher "hallow's eve"
White Zombie "live unreleased 1988" (live radio broadcast studio session 1988)
White Zombie "soul crusher / psycho head blow out"

Evil Dead "hail to the king" (Play Station 2 game two discs)

Extreme Noise Terror / Cock ESP (split)
Hummingbird Of Death "Goatmeal"
Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium "El Azotes A Culo Pajarero" (limited to 52 this is #26)
Rupture / Extortion (split)
Wake the Machines / Sei Hexe (limited to 66)

Abigail "Tribute to Gorgon" (hmss)
Agathocles "Back to 1987"
Beyond Description "More Power to your Elbow"
Bitchslicer "Addicted to Porn"
Black Putrefaction "And All that Remain are the Blow Flies" (limited to 50 or something)
Brutality "s/t"
Cabal "s/t" (French pathological gore grind from 1997)
Chocolate Crucifix "s/t"
Coffins "Warhead"
Confusion "Civilization?" (flexi)
Confusion "Hopeless"
Disorganized "Meningslost Krig"
Disploited "s/t"
Dratsab "Music to Kill your Parents by"
The End "Natural Paths to Extinction" (pre Bludwulf)
Extortion "Terminal Cancer"
Gore Beyond Necropsy "This is an EP you Want"
Hideous Mangleus "Unearthing Grandma's Grave"
Industrial Noise "Pacificos / Hostilizados"
Insect Warfare "Information Economy"
Kadaverficker "Nekrokore Theater"
Kaivosurma "Bronstein"
Kuolema "Noise from the Sick City"
Masksystem "Criminals are made, not Born"
Meanwhile "Ghostface Democracy"
Mournphagy "Thy Word Abideth"
The Murderers "s/t"
Netjajev Society System "s/t"
Noise "43 Songs"
Orcustus "World Dirtnap"
Pantalones Abajo Marinero "Liu Zhi Qin Mu"
Purulent Shitface "...vom Schicksal gebeutelt"
Riistetyt "Laki Ja Jarjestys"
Roskopp "s/t" (Australian"
Rupture "Righteousfuck"
Splatterreah "s/t"
Squash Bowels "Something Nice"
Syphilitic Vaginas "Black Motor Covenant"
Tantrum "Una Verita Nascosta"
Trauma Acustico "One More Beautiful Banket for the Worms"
Unborn-SF "Pearls for the Swines"
Vilently Ill "One-Sided EP 1999"
Vilently Ill "Rising Up From the Underground"

split 7"
Agathocles / VNA
Agathocles / Rot
Agathocles / Morbid Organs Mutilation
Agathocle / Smash the Brain
Agathocles / Autoritar
Agathocles / Kontatto
Agathocles / Jan AG
Agathocles / Kadaverficker
Agathocles / Permanent Death
Agathocles / Jan AG & The Ganja
Agathocles / The Usual Suspects
Agathocles / Occult
Agathocles / Fucked By the State
Agathocles / Seven Minutes of Nausea
Agathocles / Disleksick
Agathocles / The Dead (limited to 50 this is #17)
Ahumado Granujo / Cad
Anal Massaker / 2 Minuta Dreka
Anal Massaker / Final Exit
Anal Massaker / Doenca
Anal Penetration / Gronibard
Archagathus / Sakatat
Archagathus / Grotesque Organ Defilement
Autoritar / Vomit For Breakfast
Blackdeath / Horna
Black Putrefaction / Analthrone
Bowel Stew / Tu Carne
Bowel Stew / Splatter Whore
Caravan Kids / Carola (/250)
Cripple Bastards / Eyehategod
Dahmer / Parade of the Lifeless
Decomposing Serenity / Viscera
Deranged Insane / Little Bastards
Desperate Corruption / Enemy Soil
Desperate Corruption / Disgust
Dispepsia / Violent Gorge
DxIxE / Realized
DxIxE / Torture Incident
Dratsab / Reform Control
Driller Killer / Viktims
Drogheda / Morticite
Excreted Alive / Stand Against
Fondle Corpse / Inkblack
Gai / Cthuwulf
Genital Mastication / Vaginal Disorder
Hemdale / Disgust
I Shit On Your Face / XXX Maniak
Inhumate / Alienation Mental
Insect Warfare / Carcass Grinder
Knifethruhead / Mr. California and J.O' Felony
Last Days Of Humanity / Rakitis
Lt. Dan / SMG
Lymphatic Phlegm / Vomit Spawn
Machetazo / Winters In Osaka
Malignant Tumour / Intumescence
Mesrine / Abortion
Mixomatosis / Damnable
Necrose / Deadmocracy
Nergal / PSF
Neuro Visceral Exhumation / Bradyphagia
Neuro Visceral Exhumation / Mesrine
Regurgitate / Psychotic Noise
Regurgitate / Grudge
Regurgitate / Filth
Regurgitate / Noisear
Rupture / Stupid Babies Go Mad
Rupture / CSMD (pic disc)
Sanctus Iuda / Sharpeville
Sanctus Iuda / Sarcasm
Scurvy / Death Reality
Slapendehonden / Tinner
SMG / Matka Teresa
Stupid Babies Go Mad / Braineaters
Syphilitic Vaginas / Nun Slaughter
Tion / Terminal Aspect
Unholy Grave / Chickenshit
Unholy Grave / Agathocles
Unholy Grave / Kerum
Unholy Grave / Terrorism
Unholy Grave / Captain 3 Leg
Unholy Grave / Godstomper========================
Unholy Grave / Aberrant
Unholy Grave / Sabbat============================
Unholy Grave / Wojtyla
Violent Headache / Positi Caustico
Violent Headache / Proyecto Terror
Warfair? / Massgrave
Warsore / Nee===================================
Warsore / 2 Minuta Dreka==========================
WTN / Evol
WTN / Ulcerrhoea

Comp 7"

v/a "drum machine madness" (agoraphobic nosebleed, wadge, nemo, pilgrim fetus, alien crucifixion)
v/a "extreme audio gangbang" (bitchslicer, wallygrinder, vaginal necrosis, it will end in pure horror)
v/a "onslaught" (international comp of 20 grind hardcore and thrash bands)
v/a "pasta power violence" (cripple bastards, nagant 1895, obtrude, society of jesus)

LP & 10" & 8"
Blackdeath "fucking fullmoon foundation"
Curtainrail "to be with you"
Destroy All Monsters "s/t"
Ereshkigal / The Infinity Dive split 10"
Harsh / Short Hate Temper / Quill 3way split 10"
Jello Biafra "beyond the valley of the gift police" 3xLP
Lymphatic Phlegm "bloodsplattered pathological dysfunctions" 10"
Meathole Infection / Necrovorous split 10"
Phobia "serenity through pain"
Seein' Red / MK Ultra split
Sickoids "god bless oppression"
Unholy Grave "UK discharge"
Unholy Grave / Trauma Acustico split
Unholy Grave "raw grind mayhem" 8" (limited to 100 this is #51)============================
Unholy Grave "emergent evil mission" (limited to 139 this is #89
Unholy Grave "grind hell" (limited to 300 this is silver marble vinyl limited to 100)
Unholy Grave "huck finn onslaught" (limited to 100 this is #35)
SOB "symphonies of brutality"

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PostSubject: Re: THIS SHIT IS FOR TRADE MOTHERFUCKER(or big dollars)   Tue Nov 09, 2010 3:08 pm

DAMN thats alot of awsome shit man!!!

Confusion "Civilization?" (flexi)
Confusion "Hopeless"
Last Days of hymanity / Rakitis

Would you mind letting me know what price these would go for?
I hate making bids, what do you at least want for em and Ill think about it.
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PostSubject: Re: THIS SHIT IS FOR TRADE MOTHERFUCKER(or big dollars)   Sat Nov 13, 2010 1:35 am

I want that fucking Exploding Zombies CD!!!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: THIS SHIT IS FOR TRADE MOTHERFUCKER(or big dollars)   Thu Nov 25, 2010 8:47 pm

how much for the Morbosidad? and the Cripple Bastards/Eyehategod split 7"?
also eyeing :

Anal Massaker / 2 Minuta Dreka
Syphilitic Vaginas / Nun Slaughter
Agathocles / Permanent Death
Agathocles / Rot

here's my trade list: http://www.recordnerd.com/lists/ohiogrinder

I can trade anything, but some things I want to hold onto. make me an offer.

if nothing else, do you take paypal? I can pay for some of these.
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PostSubject: Re: THIS SHIT IS FOR TRADE MOTHERFUCKER(or big dollars)   

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