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 Give a short review/rate of another Histo Forum user's release

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PostSubject: Give a short review/rate of another Histo Forum user's release   Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:52 am

As the title says, just do a quick review of a release from another project that features a user from this forum. I'll start off with the latest shit I listened to:

Hydropneumothorax / Surgical Infection split
Rating: 9.5/10
Quick Review:
Really sick riffs from both projects, great drums, awesome vocals, and a fuckload of badass intros. Hydropneumothorax's side has a lot of punk-influenced goregrind that reminds me of Autophagia's Mutilate Your Enemy EP; while Surgical Infection''s side has some noticeable death metal and old-school grindcore influences. Both sides of the release are great, and the release itself is awesome.

Bloodgorge - My Goregrind Band - http://bloodgorge.bandcamp.com/
Southern Moonrise Productions - My DIY Label - http://smprods.blogspot.com
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Give a short review/rate of another Histo Forum user's release
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