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 100 Things That Piss me Off

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PostSubject: 100 Things That Piss me Off   100 Things That Piss me Off I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 31, 2010 8:20 am

100 Things That Piss me Off:
1. 98% of everything on the radio now
2. Stupid people
3. Annoying People
4. Bad music
5. Not having cigarettes
6. Religion
7. 90% of anything on TV
8. The concept of consumerism
9. Horrible musicians that make shitty music and still make money
10. Anything that is "radio friendly"
11. People that honestly think they're cool for doing drugs or going to jail
12. People who tell me i'm going to hell, i'll drag their asses down there with me
13. Crackheads
14. Being poor
15. Having dickheads break my shit
16. Being nice and having that shoved in your face
17. City Buses
18. Most movies that go to theaters
19. My laptop
20. People who flake out on me
21. People that are overly gay, if you're gonna whine about people hating you for being then STOP FEEDING THE FIRE, act normal.
22. Men who think they're women
23. Binghamton
24. Newy York
25. Everybody who lives in Broome County
26. USA
27. "red-blooded americans"
28. Bands that change their name
29. Posers
30. Emo kids, kill yourself so I don't have to hear your fucking music.
31. Alternative rock
32. Paranoid assholes
33. People who refuse to leave your house
34. Stereotypical black people and wiggers.
35. Anyone who wears fish net.
36. Meth addicts
37. People with no teeth
38. Not having anything to drink
39. baby-sitting for free
40. Wasting money
41. Whoever thought of the conecpt of money for being greedy crackwhores
42. not having weed
43. Shitty rip offs
44. Being sober
45. People
46. The human species
47. Gross, grimy people
48. The Human race
49. Hot weather
50. Cold Weather
51. Binghamton, Ny
52. Broome County (again)
53. My keyboard
54. Manipulative people
55. The police
56. Lawyers
57. Doctor
58. Surgeons
59. Greedy assholes trying to make a living off of music
60. All major corporations
61. Hollister
62. Everything in New York
63. The fact that New York exists.
64. Trashy people who get all the hot chicks
65. Hot chicks who only date assholes
66. Christians
67. Retards
68. the fact that everything causes cancer
69. Jeffery Star
70. Losers
71. Money
72. Stale cookies
73. All major clothing companies
74. hot Topic
75. McDonalds
76. Bills
77. Governments
78. Catholics
79. Mormons
80. Rap
81. Pop
82. my parents
83. People who think Wales is a country
84. People who drink all the time
85. Most people from Italy
86. Nicotine patches
87. Nicotine gum
88. E-Cigs
89. being really poor
90. Dead-end lives
91. Texas
92. 99% of everything
93. Everything in America
94. Straight edge fags
95. my family
96. The Pope
97. Rich people
98. People wo worry too much
99. My house
100. Everything
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PostSubject: Re: 100 Things That Piss me Off   100 Things That Piss me Off I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 31, 2010 4:11 pm

Good list there.. I dont feel like writing 100 stuff, but Ill start with 10:

1. Rich people who tells everyone theyre rich and think theyre better, just because of money.
3. Having like 0,5 euro too less on the paypal account when Im gonna buy something
4. When people comes knocking on your door and you just want to be with yourself
5. All these fucking humanists who say they dont care about money when they infact do!
6. People who don't do stuff because of their religions, come on! wake up to reality!!!
7. My friends having dinner with their girlfriends and someother of my friend with his GF invited
8. People who say that people who drink are loosers, AKA straight edge people
9. Girls, especally those who think they can get anyone so they have high expectations on us.
10. Last but not least, seing people who don't do a shit get more money than me who does alot
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PostSubject: Re: 100 Things That Piss me Off   100 Things That Piss me Off I_icon_minitimeSun Oct 31, 2010 8:54 pm

yeah new york is pretty gay dude
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PostSubject: Re: 100 Things That Piss me Off   100 Things That Piss me Off I_icon_minitime

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100 Things That Piss me Off
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