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 News distro list Sunship Records

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PostSubject: News distro list Sunship Records   News distro list Sunship Records I_icon_minitimeSun Sep 26, 2010 9:47 pm

Prices don't include shipping costs.
Mail to: benjamintaccardi@hotmail.fr

7 “EP:

-2 Minuta Dreka/Iron Butter split

4euros Limited to 1000 copies.

-2 Minuta Dreka/Necrocannibalistic Vomitorium split

4euros Handnumbered. 500 copies

-7 Minutes of Nausea/Deca Debilane split

9euros Excellent split EP from 2002. Only one copy in stock

-7 Minutes of Nausea/Eunuch split

9euros Old split EP from 1995. Limited to 1000 copies. Includes a 7MON interview. One copy in stock.

-Agathocles “semtex 10”

4euros Available on black and purple colored vinyl. Unreleased stuff! 500 copies

-Agathocles/Insomnia Isterica split

4euros Limited to 500 handnumbered copies. Excellent stuff from both band.

-Agathocles/Tsubo split

4euros Mincecore/Grindcore

-Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Crom split

4euros AGn needs no presentation; excellent stuff as always. Very good sludge/grind from Crom

-Last days of Humanity/Rakitis split

17euros Original of course. Mint condition with insert. Red vinyl. Only one copy !

-Lymphatic Phlegm/2 Minuta Dreka split

5euros 500 copies. Fantastic Goregrind for both band

-Minch/Sloth split

4euros 1000copies. Cult noise/grind

-Psycho “s/t”

6euros 600copies buzz saw shaped vinyl. Return of Boston's hardcore masters

-Sakatat/Cut your throat split

4euros Grindcore from Turkey including a SOB cover/old school killer grindcore

-Time of my life/Mondo Gecko split

4euros Excellent punk from Sovakia/Trashcore from Israël. Green vinyl, 630 copies pressed.

-Unholy Grave/Fetus Eaters split

4euros Great split between Japenese legend and very nice grind band from California.

-Violent Headache/Repulsione split

4euros Handnumbered. 500 copies

12 “LP:

-Amon Düül 2 “Phallus Dei”

18euros Cult psyche/krautrock from Germany 1969. First album. Re-release

-Amon Düül 2 “Yeti” double LP

24euros Second and best album. Cult, cult, cult!!! 1970. Re-release


-Abaddon Incarnate “The Last Supper”

4,90euros Second Hand. Death metal

-Borg 64 “they’re using nanoprobes”

4,90euros Second hand. Noise, hardcore, electronics mix

-Dead Infection "Human slaughter... till remains 1990-1992"

10euros The two first demos rereleased on CD. Definitely a must-have!

-Figure of Merit “vatic”

4,90euros Second hand. Postcore

-Inhume “chaos, dissection, order”

4,90euros Second hand. Death/grind

-Permanent Death/Social Cancer split CDr

2euros Noisecore

-Suffocation “s/t”

4,90euros Second hand. Cult death metal

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News distro list Sunship Records Empty
PostSubject: Re: News distro list Sunship Records   News distro list Sunship Records I_icon_minitimeMon Sep 27, 2010 4:06 pm

god damn those amon duul II records are fucking amazing. good stock.
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News distro list Sunship Records
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